Shake awake the sleeping sphere.


Katie Fox – Drums/vocals
Amanda Wyckoff – Guitar/vocals
Kat Bohn – Bass/vocals

Forsaking the breathy vocals and quaint, flowery riffs expected from most female musicians, Indefinite Dyad slaps the face of the common perception with an audacious mix of progressive rock, metal, and grunge. While groove is favored over grandeur, Indefinite Dyad confirms their musical dexterity through each crunch, run, and riff.

Preparing for an aggressive radio campaign, Indefinite Dyad has already appeared on the Comin’ At Ya Podcast, 107.7 the Bronc, and the Rock On Radio show. Their official live performance debut will be on July 13th at JC Dobbs, an event hosted by Brewtal Beer. From streaming plays to radio waves, Indefinite Dyad has begun to shake awake the sleeping sphere.

Indefinite Dyad

Photo shoot with Tom Marasco


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